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Courses for horticulture degree

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If you enjoy working with plants, designing landscapes, or working in the lawn or on a golf course, the Horticulture program is for you. You will develop skills in golf course grounds and clubhouse management, sports fields, lawn care, nursery, and garden center management, greenhouse production, landscape management practices, and business and personnel development practices. You will learn the effect of the environment and cultural practices on plant growth and development. Emphasis will be on plant identification, pest identification, and proper selection of plant materials. Your hands-on experience will also include work at a local hole golf course, a unique experience that very few colleges offer. You'll also supplement classroom activities and gain work experience in the horticulture industry of your choice through the cooperative internship.

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Prairie Horticulture Certificate

The Bachelor of Science Honours in Horticulture degree offers student the opportunity to continue their studies preparing them for more advanced entry to business with a higher skill portfolio. Particular focus is being paid to Agri food in terms of fruit, vegetables and flowers for which the Munster region has an identified competitive advantage, while building on the programme currently undertaken by students at CIT and equally offering progression opportunities for graduates from comparable level 7 Horticulture degree programmes.

A key partner in this programme is Clonakilty Agricultural College which is locally known as Darrara College and has been involved in agricultural education since it was left to the local parish and later to the state for that purpose inThe Honours degree will also afford graduates the opportunity to pursue relevant level 9 postgraduate study programmes here in Ireland and overseas.

MTU Cork has developed a website which gives full details of all modules for all courses. The website also has information on recommended textbooks, average weekly workload, assessments, and exams. Please click here for module information - Bachelor of Science Honours in Horticulture.

The Bachelor of Science Honours in Horticulture aims to provide graduates with a strong focus on Science and Business as related to Horticulture and agribusiness. Graduates may find themselves working in the established Horticulture or agribusiness area or pursuing relevant postgraduate programmes. Particular focus is being paid to Agri food in terms of fruit, vegetables and flowers for which the Munster region has an identified competitive advantage.

Please ensure that you include all relevant information that might help us assess your application:. Find the Right Course. Home Courses Horticulture Honours. Course summary The Bachelor of Science Honours in Horticulture degree offers student the opportunity to continue their studies preparing them for more advanced entry to business with a higher skill portfolio. The programme focuses in two areas Horticulture Plant Opportunities - commercial activity plus postgraduate opportunities Herbal stream - focus on application of herbs as from a medicinal or food application.

Applications for this course are processed by the Central Applications Office CAO - Advanced Entry Please ensure that you include all relevant information that might help us assess your application: Transcripts from previous Higher Education A CV with information about relevant previous experience with references A statement of interest.

Joseph Croke joseph. T12 P info cit.

Horticulture (Honours)

Myerscough College can offer you the opportunity to train at the best land-based College in the North West, with excellent facilities for Ho…. TThis training and assessment programme supports the information and knowledge required to achieve the L2 Award in the Principles of Safe Ha…. This practical course is an ideal first step towards a career in Landscape garden design and Construction. Why Myerscough: Myerscough College is set in a beautiful rural area; we have fantastic grounds and award winning gardens on which you can …. This qualification is intended for those wishing to work in professional horticulture in a variety of roles. It is designed to provide a ran….

16+ Courses · HorticultureCity & Guilds Level 1 Diploma · HorticultureCity & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Horticulture · HorticultureLevel.


Roger Harris, Head Professors: B. Appleton; J. Latimer; R. Harris; J. Nowak; R. Veilleux; T. Wolf; G. Welbaum; R.

Discover Chemeketa Community College

Let your horticultural career blossom whilst enjoying the great outdoors of the Yorkshire Dales and learning and developing practical skills along with the underpinning theoretical knowledge for you to get a headstart in the industry. Work with the natural habitat and acquirte the skills needed to design, landscape, grow flowers and plants, whilst understanding the botanical science. Our expert tutors have specialist knowledge of agricultural botany, ecology and garden design alsonside experience of working with the National Trust, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Skipton in Bloom and Harrogate Flower Show. With their knowledge and contacts you will be able to visit relevant exhibitions and demonstration grounds as well as gaining inspiration from the industry.

Course type.

Horticulture Courses

Horticulture involves the use of plants in residential and commercial situations. Horticulture professionals deal with all aspects of the growth, distribution, sale, installation and maintenance of ornamental plants. Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticultural principles and practices are included in the program of study. Course work includes plant science, plant identification and propagation, soils, fertilizers and pest management. Also included are courses in plant production, landscaping, and the management and operation of horticulture businesses. Sales associate in garden centers and nurseries, worker or supervisor in landscape installation and management companies, worker or supervisor in greenhouses and nurseries, landscape designer, worker or supervisor in public parks and gardens.

Undergraduate Programs

It was developed for professionals and is collaboratively offered through a consortium of three Western Canadian educational institutions: Assiniboine Community College Manitoba , Olds College Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan. PHC provides all the essential tools to work in the horticulture industry so you can start your own business or advance your career. It is designed as a part-time program with a flexible schedule to accommodate your school and work-life balance. Courses are offered over three terms per year but not during summer June through August as this is typically the busy season for horticultural professionals and enthusiasts. Students are required to have a personal computer equipped with internet access.

Study a wide range of Horticulture courses and earn a Certificate, See course details to check if you meet the requirements for funding.

General Horticulture

Register for classes. A program that focuses on the general production and management of cultivated plants, shrubs, flowers, foliage, trees, groundcovers, and related plant materials; the management of technical and business operations connected with horticultural services; and the basic scientific principles needed to understand plants and their management and care. These curricula are designed to prepare individuals for various careers in horticulture.

City & Guilds Practical Horticulture skills – Grow Your Own (Dartington)

Horticulture encompasses a unique blend of art, science and technology. Horticultural crops include trees, shrubs, tropical plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and nuts which are grown and used throughout the world. The horticulture industry is the second largest agricultural industry in the state and offers graduates a multitude of diverse career opportunities. Our flexible degree plans enable students opportunities to develop programs tailored to their unique goals. The official University Catalog for the current academic year can be accessed here. Bachelor of Arts in Horticulture The Bachelor of Arts BA degree blends traditional horticulture with the benefits derived from the human association with plants.

The Central Piedmont Horticulture Technology curriculum is designed to prepare you for various careers in horticulture.

Landscape Horticulture Technology – AS

Teagasc provides full time and part-time education and training for the horticulture sector. Aim: To equip the graduate for a career in horticulture or to further develop knowledge and skills in horticulture. There are various job opportunities in the business and service sectors of the horticultural industry for skilled graduates, as technicians, supervisors or managers. There are also opportunities to progress to higher education programmes through the Higher Education Links Scheme. Duration: The Level 5 Certificate in Horticulture is one year and the level 6 Advanced Certificate in Agriculture is one year in duration. Qualifications: These programmes are validated by QQI and successful completion leads to:. Entry Requirements: Students who have successfully completed the Level 5 Certificate in Horticulture are eligible to apply for a Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture programme.

School of Horticulture

Consult the official academic calendar for exact date. Still a few classes to go until all requirements are met? Want to learn more about our program?

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